Petalo Rooms are located in Asprovalta, Thessaloniki.
Right on the sandy beach of Asprovalta and the blue-green sea of Strymonikos bay.
Our hotel is the ideal accommodation for carefree family summer vacation.

The beauty of Strymonikos bay

Strymonikos bay, named after Strymonas River, is located in north-central Greece on the borders of Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki and Serres prefectures. Surrounded from mountains Cholomontas and Vertiskos the area is nature’s masterpiece.

Strymonikos bay villages are outstanding resorts that can satisfy all kinds of tourist desires. Rare nature’s monuments (Makedonika Tempi, Platania), ancient cities (Stagira, the birth place of philosopher Aristotle) and 20Km of golden-sandy beaches are waiting to be discovered.

Hotel Amentities

Check the list of amentites Petalo Rooms offers to their guestes

Large Public Kitchen

Here you can have your meal or dinner with other guests of our rooms.

Free Parking

Parking is really easy in Petalo Rooms. There is always free parking area around our hotel.


Feel free to enjoy your evenings in our garden. Your children will definately love it!


Dont hesitate to use our barbeque and prepare your family’s meal or a dinner.

5m Away From the Sea

Leave your room and 1 minute later your on the beach and ready to swim.

50m Away from Playground

A large playground waits your kids to enjoy it. And its only 50m away from Petalo rooms.


If you have any question about Petalo rooms, please let us know.